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Is Loss Having an Unrecognized Effect on You?

in Loss & Grief

One of the many projects that we’re working on this fall is to update our website to make it more engaging and easier to navigate. As we’ve been reviewing the material that we’ll use on the site, we’ve realized we have many client stories and testimonials that could help open the door for people struggling with a range of issues.

Because people respond so much better to watching versus reading, we’ve decided to produce short videos which focus on a particular issue each month. These videos will be conversations with clients who have dealt with a specific issue. We learn so well through stories, and we think this will be a great resource for people.

The first theme we want to focus on is Loss. Given my own experience of it recently, and that of others around me, I think that it’s particularly relevant. I believe loss triggers loss, and in this conversation you will hear one client’s surprise as he discovered what had accumulated in his system.

You might be surprised to discover the way loss works… Watch this video to find out how unresolved loss may be affecting you!

Some Questions to Think About…

  • Are you feeling more guarded than you want to be?
  • Loss can affect your creativity, mental clarity and decisiveness. Are you noticing a decrease in any of these?
  • Are you feeling a little less open-hearted, generous or compassionate than you’d like to be?
  • Have you noticed a strong desire to be “protected”… staying home, curling up in your jammies or wearing extra clothes?

All of these of these can be indicators that you’re dealing with loss on some level.

Let Us Know What You Think….

We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment in the space below, and let us know what your experience has been.

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  • cathy carper

    Even though I’m aware of how grief can affect us, this video was a good reminder. In my case, my daughter is the *victim* of parental alienation, thus she has parental alienation syndrome (in layman’s terms: brainwashing against the other parent) and it’s been incredibly painful. Folks don’t understand it’s almost like losing a person to death. I wish more research and focus could be done on the mental health issue of parental alienation syndrome. It’s a particularly difficult issue to combat because the child (adult child) is fully convinced of what they’ve been told, and not only that, they have *implanted memories*… they are fully aligned with the alienating parent, so it leaves the alienated parent with no means to get through. All we can do is focus on ourselves and working through the grief process (which of course the loss will always be present, but learning to live fully with the loss). Thank you for this website and the various issues you discuss.

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