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Outmaneuvering the Humbug!

in Anxiety & Depression, Prime Potential, Relationships

Paul Johnson and I were talking about Christmas the other day, and the issues that come up at this time of year for lots of people. For many of us, we’ve got all kinds of good memories about the holiday season. For lots of people, though, this is a really tough time of year.
We decided to sit down and record our conversation… and include some tips that might help.
If you or anyone you know has a tough time at Christmas, we hope that there’s at least one idea here which helps. Please feel free to share this piece far and wide on whatever social media platform you choose.
Now… where did I put that wrapping paper….?
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  • Stephanie Vernon

    I too was reminiscing about my childhood and Christmas. Spending many many years so blessed and loving it. Last year was different wasn’t sure why. I was very depressed and just couldn’t get a handle on it. Bringing in the new year surrounded by good friends but they couldn’t see my tears. I was full of anxiety. But as 2016 started rolling out my life was starting to come together. I understood that Life has a way of getting in your way when making plans. Expectations! So this year no expectation on me nor do I put it on someone else. This year I surround myself with all my friends and Family and look forward to 2017. A new year and a new home in a different city. Don’t obsess of what was look forward to what can be. May you find happiness in your holiday season.

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