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Paul and Lynn continue their conversation about overcoming shame in this second installment.

Lynn Sumida and Paul Johnson continue the conversation about the impact that shame has on our daily lives. We hope that you’ll take a few minutes and check it out!

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In this episode, Lynn Sumida continues the discussion about the undeniable link between our guts and our brains. This unfolding understanding has significant potential for the ways that we help people find wholeness, strength and well being. The video is about 7 minutes long, and we hope you’ll check it out!

Self Worth

Last week I wrote about the first of my latest discoveries about the factors which contribute to our experiences of depression, anxiety and panic—that what we eat (and how we feed ourselves) has a direct and measurable impact on our emotional health.

This week, I want to share another insight that I’ve gained as I’ve been looking back on my journals. Again, this is very personal and very real for me. I’m writing about it here, because I believe that there are others than can benefit from my experience. [click to continue…]

Dark Night

Okay, so maybe it’s not new to you. Maybe this is what people have been trying to tell me for years. Maybe the evidence has been all around me, and I’ve chosen to ignore it. But I don’t think so.

This blog post might strike a nerve… the realizations certainly did for me. I promise, though, it has a happy ending. [click to continue…]

Strange, isn’t it? Sometimes we know that we want to shift or change some perspective, thought or behaviour… but it just doesn’t seem to budge. Maybe we’re not seeing the answers we want, because we’re not asking the right questions. Check out this week’s episode as we talk about asking better questions.

It’s interesting how easily the things we believe can stop us from moving forward to experience the things we most want in life. In this episode, I offer some tools to help you take those pesky limiting beliefs, and turn them around so they’re more supportive. I hope you enjoy!

In this installment, Lynn Sumida talks about evaluating how well your beliefs are delivering the kind of experience you want. It’s a process called “Self-Evaluation” and it comes out of the work of Choice Theory. We think you’ll really enjoy this conversation!


In this episode, Lynn talks with 2x World Champion Ironman-Long Distance Triathlete, Cullen Goodyear. Lynn and Cullen talks about all the ways that she nourishes herself and a competitive athlete.

Today I want to talk about nature and how powerful “she” is for nourishing us and why…

Forest Bathing – Have you ever heard of this? I had never heard this term, but I must confess it instantly caught my attention because I am an avid bather. I love water in just about any form!

Forest Bathing (I hesitate to say “developed” as I think it has been around for as long as forests have) was first identified in this way in Japan in the 1980’s. It is a practice of walking in the forest for 2-4 hours, and bathing your cells in the healing energy of the forest. It’s not exercise per se,  nor is exercise the focus (it’s recommended that you rest as often as you want and take your time).

The research that is being done on the benefits of this practice is fascinating. Here is what they have found…


  1. Trees give off an organic compound that boosts the immune system
  2. It can reduce blood pressure
  3. Improves focus even in children with ADHD
  4. Increases the flow of energy


  1. It reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  2. Can create deeper, clearer intuition
  3. Increase your sense of well-being and happiness

Research has documented each of these benefits, and they are using Forest Bathing for cancer patients and others with immune system challenges as it boosts the activity of the “NK” (natural Killer) cells. For more information visit this website.

Why is nature such a powerful “healer”? As you know I love understanding things from many different perspectives, and I had pondered this question for a long time. I had an experience that offered one answer that really impacted me.

I was with a friend who had recently lost her husband. She wanted to go to the ocean and spend some time there, and so off we went. I knew she wanted to release some of the hurt, anger and despair. As we stood by the ocean with the waves crashing in front of us, a thought popped into my head. There we were, so insignificant in terms of the immense ocean and I realized my ego—the petty, self centered “me”—had moved to “back of the bus.”

In the vastness of nature there was no place for the ego. The ego needs small, dark places to really flourish–to fuss and worry and chase its tail. An image came into my mind of all the little cubbyholes my ego hides in. No wonder nature is so healing; it’s a reprieve from the ego and all the small spaces and “boxes” we squeeze ourselves into. Nature is big, whether its trees, prairie fields, ocean, silence, or fierce wind and rain. It helps us let go of ourselves and be swept clean by its sheer majesty.

So if you find yourself struggling, in any way, see if you can get yourself out in nature. Let her breathe you, cleanse you and nourish you.

Here is a great quote from the wise Alan Watts,

You didn’t come into this world.
You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.
You are not a stranger here.