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Miruspoint Facilitators

Who We Are

Miruspoint® Facilitators Inc., was created in 2005,  in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada but the impetus for it came years before, from a search to find what we joked about as the “Holy Grail” – the key to people profoundly transforming their lives. Steve Davis, Donn Smith and I (Lynn Sumida) regularly saw people, in our private practices, sabotaging themselves over and over again; taking one step forward and two back and making unbearably slow progress. For many years we searched for techniques and strategies that would do more than change a person’s behaviour. We wanted to help people fundamentally shift how they saw themselves, their lives and their futures; to create a process that would really allow people to free themselves of the baggage of the past and fears of the future. Donn Smith, and his personal journey, was instrumental in discovering key elements that became part of the Prime Potential® process. I am very grateful to have collaborated with him and appreciate his significant contributions.

The process Prime Potential® is the result of 25 years of searching and hard won knowledge, and Miruspoint® Facilitators Inc., was created to bring this profound process to the world. Since its inauguration, the additional programs of Family Evolution® and Unfolding Life Purpose® have been developed, each program expanding on the foundation established by Prime Potential® and allowing for deeper and more expansive integration.

In addition to these programs, a Facilitators Training Program was created by Steve Davis and myself, to share the Prime Potential® process with other professionals. This training includes all the foundational theory and innovative technology that contributes to Prime Potential®, as well as instruction on guiding people through the four-session process. We have trained counsellors, therapists, coaches, consultants and body workers from Canada, the United States, England and Australia.

Miruspoint®’s mission in the world is to support people’s ability to live from the “place of all potential.” Unleashing the potential we each have can transform our relationships, work, communities, and society at large. It represents a fundamental shift in being, and opens the door for greatness. It encompasses being in the flow of life and tapped into the universal energy that is available to us all. Our fundamental belief is that everyone can live lives filled with “miracles.”

Miruspoint’s® vision is to unleash every human being’s potential to live vibrant lives filled with joy, peace, and meaningful contribution.